Our camp activities are performed at exclusive desitination in natual surroudings like jungles, riverside, hills and montains. Most of the camp activities could be performed throughout the year, however for best seasons and booking please reach us at info@tirthanadventurecamp.com


Explore ....

Countryside  Walking 
There are plenty of walks down the wild side.
Jeep Safari 
This place in this valley offers you the most spectacular drives in Mid Himalyan hills.
Village Study 
You can go up close to the native of living and working.


Feel ....

Night Trail 
Ever heard the sounds of the jungle in the night.
High point over a river or in the forest  for spotting wildlife.
Bird Watching 
You have to be up early for this one.

Survive ...

Tent Pitching 
Learn to pitch tent in the wilderness .
Some tents, sounds of forest and you.
Waterfall Massage 
The thump and thud of falling water on your body.
Cook your own Dinner and hang around in the open.
Remember Taste doesn't matter.

Stay Fit ....

Great sport where we will help you descend 1000 feet off a rock cliff while tying you to a safety rope.
Rock Climbing 
Experience why Rock Climbing is called the "King of Sports". Easy route for beginners.
Overhead Crawl
Simple thrill where you can view the world upside down while sliding on a ropee.
River Crossing 
Tie a rope and wade through a fast flowing river.
Net Climb 
Test your fitness while climbing this obstacle.
Berma Bridge 
Walking between two parallel ropes by holding upper
rope and walking on the lower as Commando's do.

We ensure complete safety. All the activitis are guided by trained and experiencd professionals.


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