Day 01, PREPRATION OF JOURNEY : Arrive the pictures camp site at Gushani (World famous for the TROUT ANGLING & Great Himalayan Nation Park) and be welcomed by Camp Manage.

Day 02, GUSHANI CAMP TO BATHAD BASHLEO PASS : Morning short lecture on local flora, fauna ecology and enviourmental followed by familiarization programme and after breakfast start journey to BATHAD. This is a motorable road tracker can travel by motorcoach also to BATHAD. On the way there is traditional village temple and calm water of river flowing this valley. From BATHAD start hiking to BASHLEO PASS, Camp at BASHLEO PASS.

Day 03, BASHLEO PASS TO SARAHAN : Morning Breakfast & start journey to SARHAN. At Sarhan there is traditional Village Temple & Natural Ground to visit. Camp at SARHAN.

Day 04, SARAHAN TO RAMPUR : Morning Breakfast and start travelling by motorcoach to Rampur. Form Rampur Tracker can travel by Motorcoach to Shimla.

"The destination Places & Number of days in this track can also be adjusted as per the Requirements of Tracker Group"